The Differences Between Dating an Asian Guy vs. a Caucasian Guy

In today’s generation, several online dating sites emerged to get to know other people of different sex, race, and culture. Dating applications have become the savior of single men and women since it is less reserved these days compared to the past. However, conflicts with the person you meet online may occur if you do not share the same sentiments, beliefs, values, and culture with the person. You may share the same viewpoints on one thing and an entirely different point of view on another.

Difference #1 – Parents Approval

In Asian culture, it is a norm to seek advice or acceptance from parents when making difficult life decisions like marriage. You should keep in mind that you chose to marry his family when you decided to marry an Asian guy. Consequently, it works differently with Caucasian males who independently determine for themselves without advice or approval from their parents.

Difference #2 – Public Display of Affection

Today, younger generations are more expressive and braver to show their affection with each other publicly. Kissing, hugging, touching, and other acts of physical intimacy in public is considered as taboo and improper in Asian culture in the past.  Stolen kisses happen between couples when no one or few people are around them, but Asian males are more inclined to express their love and affection in private.

Difference #3 –  Enzymes Breakdown

Asians, commonly Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, experience the so-called “Asian Flush Syndrome” or “Asian Glow” or red-faced after alcohol consumption. This condition does not indicate weakness, but it is an implication that the body cannot metabolize the alcohol properly. Biologically speaking, two enzymes are responsible for alcohol metabolism – alcohol dehydrogenase and acetaldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH2).  The by-product of ALDH2, the acetaldehyde, of most Asians takes too long to clear from their blood which causes the Asian Flush.

Difference #4 – Bill Payment

When you are on a dinner date with an Asian male, you should expect that he will act quickly and pay for your meal once the bill arrives. This behavior is being passed from generations to generations and learned from their ancestors. Conversely, Caucasian males will be apparent to ignore the check on the table and continue to get to appreciate you for the rest of your dinner date.

Difference #5 – Personality Traits

Some people viewed Caucasians as vulgar and brash, and that is the norm for them. They are not afraid to express their emotion, while they tend to neglect the feelings of other people. On the other hand, Asian males are calmer and more careful in blurting out words that may affect how people would feel.

The abovementioned differences are subjective and may alter from encounter to encounter. At the end of the day, whether he is an Asian or a Caucasian male, the foremost point to recognize is to decide to date the person who makes you feel satisfied despite the diversity of beliefs, values, and culture. Keep the man who makes you feel you.